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Topics Applied to Engineered Works, Resource Recovery, Mitigation of Environmental Hazards and Remediation of Hazardous Waste
Site Characterization constitutes the raison d’être or most fundamental reason or premise for the existence of the practice of Engineering Geology. Within this collection are materials relating to the philosophy of exploration and description of places (sites) where engineered works are to be constructed or where environmental mitigations or restoration activities will be conducted. The process of site characterization employs virtually all other elements of Engineering and Environmental Geology. The collection is populated with materials that will assist the individual practitioner in developing their own personal philosophy of planning, formulating, conducting, evaluating, interpreting and delivering the geological specifications of and for site conditions, as the essential scientific inputs to engineered design.


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Historical Precedence in Site Characterization CatalogSite Characterization has been practiced since 1880, but recognized as such only by about 1980.

Characterization in the Overall Design Process CatalogSite Characterization has a logical “fit” in the design process for all engineered projects.

Factoring Regional Physiographic Conditions CatalogRegional Physiography controls much of site characterization planning.

Concept of Fatal Flaws Catalog These are the discovered or undiscovered site conditions that can “kill” the project feasibility or later performance.

Pitfalls in Site Characterization CatalogThese are various types of human errors, mainly in planning or judgment in carrying out site characterization

Uncontrolled Waste Sites CatalogHazardous waste site remediation bring to the fore many accessory demands upon the characterization.

Case History Content Catalog — Site Characterization Some case histories are rich in Lessons Learned for the practitioner.

Scope of Work for Site Characterization Catalog Success in site characterization depends on performance expertise as well as on sufficient funding by the client.

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