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Curators, these are your “Club House” pages.  Each page, below, has it’s own Discussion Area.  Check back frequently to hear what your fellow curators have learned about what works and what doesn’t.

Don’t let the others on our editorial staff learn the hard way… post your own helpful comments or questions.
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Tutorial Video #1 – In this tutorial we will take a short “Welcome to the GLAT” general tour of this website.  We will also show you what the new curator can expect to see “behind the curtain” in the editor window.  We will also introduce you to the curator’s “Template” file that is designed to eliminate much of the “tech work” that would normally be needed to produce a nice looking web page.
Length: 11 minutes.  File Size: 17 MB.
Click To Stream Video Tutorial #1    (Right-click to save)       

Tutorial Video #2 – In this second tutorial we will show you more about how to use the curator “Template” file to build a new “Post” page.  This new page will contain a fancy link button (like the green one you see below this text) that will allow a visitor to download a previously saved PDF document.
Length: 16 minutes.  File Size: 18 MB
Click To Stream Video Tutorial #2    (Right-click to save)       

Tutorial Video #3 – In this tutorial we continue to polish up the new “Post” page we created in Video Tutorial #2.  We will also create a new “Related Links” button box that will allow our visitors to easily jump back to the original “Dr. Kiersch” Biography page.
Length: 16 minutes.  File Size: 17 MB
Click To Stream Video Tutorial #3    (Right-click to save)      

Tutorial Video #4 –  In this tutorial we will review how to create a downloads box and then we will learn how to replace the example photo that we found in the corner of our new “George Kiersch Publications” page using the “Photo Replace” feature and a new photo from the Media Library.
Length: 14 minutes.  File Size: 15 MB
Click To Stream Video Tutorial #4    (Right-click to save)      

:  If a video fails to start (stream) automatically or insists that you download and save it to your computer you may need to install a “AVI” streaming plug-in for your browser.  Here (links below) are a couple of example players that are available for both the MAC and Windows PC platforms.  Some browsers may request that you give permission to a plug-in or extension before streaming will begin.

DivX Plus media player   or   VLC media player

Note: some of the following files are private… visible only to library curators.

Frequently Asked Questions Page –  The FAQ’s

18) Tutorial:  Working with HTML Code

19) Video:  Drag & Drop – Tab-to-Tab (41 MB MP4 file)
. . . . (Note: to reduce file size this video clip has no sound)
20) Forum:  General Topics  –  Share what you have learned

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