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This is the companion Collection to Biographies and its person-related contents are co-indexed. All practitioners will find some comfort in reading of the accomplishments worthy of note, as a result of award citations, and as the professions of the Applied Earth Sciences take note of the passing of deceased members.


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Southern California PioneersThis collection of gathered and first-time authored Memorials were prepared by Richard J. Proctor as an event-production symposium at the 50th Anniversary Meeting of AEG and delivered at Los Angeles, California. As noted, some of the Memorials appeared for the first time.

Charles Alexander Baskerville (1928 – 2009) Many of us are fortunate enough to have known or had, as mentors, passionate and nurturing friends who taught us about geology and how it fits into our lives. Charles touched so many people’s lives and was a man who transcended economic, technical and cultural challenges. It is people like Charles who have shaped our profession and solidified Engineering Geology as an applied geoscience. Because of the life works of Dr. Baskerville, the public, the engineers and the civil construction contractors in New York that he worked with now understand what is so important about what it is that we do and why.

John Barna Ivey (1927 – 2003)Alabama native, WW-II Navy veteran; AEG President (1980); founder of Amuedo & Ivy, long-time Denver consulting firm.


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