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The “technical literature explosion” has been nowhere as serious as with engineering geologists. Ours is a discipline more varied and more complicated than medicine, for example We practice all over the earth, each site a complex of geological conditions that can be, and usually is, different from the last site we investigated. No single engineering geologist has enough experience of time and place to at once know all that could be expected to be known at the time an investigation begins. Faced with this challenge, we yet must track and know a vast body of technical literature.

The AEG Foundation, as part of its program of providing the profession with the means to meet the challenges of practice, has elected to undertake an ambitious project of locating and listing the most significant and useful references in our literature. The Bibliography of Engineering & Environmental Geology (herein known as the List) is an ongoing project that will grow by the year, as new and old citations alike are located and added to the List. The basic list was compiled by Allen W. Hatheway, from 1990 through 2010 and is made up of reference citations discovered and screened by Dr. Hatheway, since 1965, as including only such citations as he has judged to be of useful value in the practice of the profession as required to solve the direct needs of humankind and the environment. This initial example consists of about 850 pages of 10-pitch typed citations (calculated to be equivalent of nearly 30,000 citations).

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