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Q:  Why do we need a Geoscience On-line Library?
A: In the past… (please add copy here).  We propose an information-age internet collection of peer-reviewed papers of practical relevance, as complemented with selected, previously-published historic papers of merit.  Please add more…

Q:  How do I find a publication in the Geoscience Library?
A: For each topic area the curator has identified a set of “key words” that someone researching that topic area would most likely use in a search engine.  Enter one of those terms in the “Search By Key Word” form in the top of the right-margin and the information you seek should show up in the center of this page.  Use the “Previous” and “Next” links to view other page candidates.

Q:  What file formats will be used for documents stored in our Library?
A: In most cases our collection of documents will be offered in the PDF, JPG or GIF file formats.  Please refer to our “Submit An Item” page for more info.

Q:  How do I “Comment” about one of the Library documents?
A: Each topic catalog of documents will have it’s own page on this Library site.  That page will include a brief (abstract) description of the theme of that collection and will include a clickable links that will allow the visitor to download the desired documents for later viewing.  At the bottom of that page will be a special “Comments” area.  Please do offer your professional opinions about any and/or all of our documents and discussion areas topics.  Please note that your comment may not appear immediately as it must first be reviewed and approved  for publication by the volunteer curator in charge of that topic area.  The only time a comment is likely to fail the approval process would be if it was not germane to the topic, profane, SPAM or unprofessional.  Note: the actual curator guidelines for this procedure have not yet been finalized.  Please feel free to offer your suggestions in the “Comments” area at the bottom of this page.  Please start your message with the term “Comments Guidelines“.

Q:  Am I allowed to suggest a new document “category” for the collection?
A: Collections, as you can see from the “Content Areaslisting at left, can be technical, historical, tradition-oriented, ethical in nature, or deal with topics of professionalism. Don’t hesitate to offer your suggestion for a new topic area for our collection.  Please contact our editor-in-chief if you wish to do so.

Q:  How do I submit something to be included in the Geoscience Library?
A: Click the “Submit An Item” link in the left “Content Areas” column.  Follow the submission guidelines provided.  Curators should visit the various tutorials on the “Curator Corner” page.  These tutorials will assist you in determining how, and WHAT, would be best to include in our various Library collections.

Q:  I have a special interest in the topic of “XYZ“.
How do I become a curator for that collection?
Each Collection in the Geoscience Library needs a volunteer Curator; a person who feels a certain passion for the subject within that Collection and who ideally has enough background, training and experience to step forward with and sufficient understanding of the nature and literature of the subject to act not only as its collecting mentor, but to act to gather a growing content, from colleagues, and from the general readership … people like you!  To volunteer, contact Professor Allen Hatheway, our Editor-in-chief, who will move to place you in charge of a particular topic area.  We welcome Curators for any of our identified Collections that are currently without such a leader, and for new subject Collections for which there appears to be a defining identity.  This is your chance to demonstrate your expertise and dedication to a particular subject matter area.  Contact us today.

Q:  Do you have any type of “Tutorial” to help me get started?
Glad you asked!  Simply click HERE to visit our “Curator Corner” page where you can then click on the “Welcome New Visitors” link.  Once you have been approved as a new curator your expanded editorial rights will allow you to view other tutorials that are designed to help you collect and publish new materials for our various collections.

Q:  I can see that the AEG Foundation is doing great work for the profession.  How can I help you with a donation?
A: Ah…what a REALLY great question!  You can indeed help us with a donation.  The AEG Foundation is a certified 501(c)3 charitable organization. Please consider making a donation of any size… directly from this website.  For more information click here.

Q:  Do you have a question that you don’t see here?
Use the “Comments” form at the bottom to submit your question.
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