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Tutorial – Getting Started


Welcome Visitor! (or aspiring new Curator)

Step #1 –  How To Upgrade Your “Permissions” To Full “Curator” Status.
This page is visible to all visitors to our “Library” web site.  At this point Visitor, you have probably discovered that you have been free to wander around our various “collections” however to be able to download and read any of our archived documents you were asked to register / log in to the site.  Once registered you were granted simple “Reader / Subscriber” download permissions within this site.  You will discover that means that most pages on this site are available for your study and download, however when you clicked the “Curator Corner” link at the bottom of the “Content Areas” list you no doubt discovered that there are some pages listed there that are still “off limits” to “Readers“.  These pages are reserved for our group of “Curators” (our “Librarians“).  These fine folk have been granted “Editorial” permissions that allow them to do more than READ our pages, they may also CREATE our pages.  Those links you discovered in the “Curator Corner” lead to a set of hidden Tutorial pages that teach our curators how to create pages and add content to them… increasing our collection and making this a much more interesting Library every day!

It is our hope that you, too, will want to become one of our wonderful Curators.  If so, please send a message to our Webmaster urging him to UPGRADE your editorial “Rights” from those of a simple “Reader / Visitor” to that of a full “Curator”.  As a curator you will be granted the ability to create and upload new web pages as well as edit your existing pages.  Like any visitor you will be able to view, but not edit, the pages created by other curators.  Studying the works of others and reading our Tutorials will allow you to see just how they did their editorial magic and hopefully make your own pages look just as nice without the learning curve sometimes associated with acquiring a new skill.

Step #2 –  Be Creative But Remain True to the Existing “Look & Feel”.
When you receive your “Welcome New Curator” letter from the webmaster please return to the Library site.  This time you might want to create a “Bookmark” or “Favorite” link to the site to allow a quick return in the future.  Log in as usual.  Upon a successful log-in you will see the familiar “Welcome” front page message and the usual roster of “Content Areas” links down the left margin.  Feel free to wander about and study the “Look & Feel” of the site.  The GeoSci Library editorial staff asks that as you generate your own content within the Library please remain true to that “Look & Feel”.  All of our library pages should always have the same basic look.  Our visitors should feel “at home” no matter where they browse within the entire Library site without suddenly wondering if they might have accidentally clicked a link that has taken them to an “outside” site.  Creativity is to be encouraged, but please try to be creative with your “Content”, but not with the “Container” that your content resides within.  On the other hand, should you discover a new, more efficient (or ??) method of delivering our “Content” to our readership please don’t hesitate to send your suggestions to the editorial staff or drop down to the bottom of most pages within this site and post a comment in our Discussion areas.

Step #3 –  Entering the Inner Sanctum. To begin creating / editing pages you will have to look at the top of the right margin column.  There you should see the green “To Access Library Files…” heading.  Click on the “Site Admin” link below the heading to enter the actual “construction” area of the site.  This time all will look very different!  You are now “behind the curtains”, as it were.  This is where our curators create their pages.  Actually you have probably landed first on your own Profile” page.  If not, please select “Your Profile” from the list of links under the “Users” heading in the left margin.

Once your “Profile” page has opened scroll down to the “Name” section.  You should see your own Username on the first line.  If you don’t see them already, please add your “Real” First name and Last name in the blanks provided.  In the “Nickname” field we recommend that you type in your FULL name, including your middle initial, using caps as would normally be done when typing your name in a document.  Now click the “Display name publicly as:” arrow and select that “Nickname” from the drop-down list.  This will be the official “Owner of Record” name used for all web pages you author in the future.

Don’t be too concerned about that “Publicly” label .  As a Curator you will be placed in charge of a “Collection” of documents under a specific Topic Heading (ex: “Engineering Geology“).  Your main Collection information page will include your name at the top… your curator byline.  When the editorial staff examines the list of published pages on the Library site your “Display Name” will be the name they see next to all the pages you have collected and uploaded to your specific collection.  Therefore, we would like this name to be your formal name, rather than something cryptic like; “Rockman”.  Thank you.

Finally, under the “Contact Info” and “About Yourself” sections, the only field we would ask that you fill in is your E-mail address.  All the other “Social Networking”, “Biographical Info” and website information will NOT be needed.   At this point please notice that should you ever need to change your Password this page is where you would do that.  Just be sure to click the blue “Update Profile” button at the bottom before you leave the page or all your changes will be lost.

Special Security Note:  It is critical that you understand that our site is only as safe from hackers as it’s weakest link.  That weakest link might be YOUR password!  With free “brute force” password cracking software easily available on the web it becomes extremely important that our curators choose “strong” passwords.  That means at least 8 characters long and containing at least one uppercase letter, at least one number and at least one non-alpha character (#, %, etc.).  Yes, it’s a pain to remember but we must insist that our curators comply with this directive or we risk compromising the entire library site.  Thanks.

Step #4 –  While you wait for the editorial staff to respond to your request to be elevated to “Curator” status, please explore as many of these pages as you possibly can.  As a new Curator be ready to practice posting a few non-public “test” pages and start contacting others in your search for interesting new content for your “Collection”.    Thanks for joining our staff.


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